Return to Wellness (RTW) is a FREE eight week program offered quarterly and designed to empower people with cancer who have recently completed treatment. This post-treatment program will provide exercise, stress management, information and emotional support. Some of the classes are Yoga, Mat Pilates, Nutrition, Reiki, Cycling, Aerobics, Tai Chi, Mindfulness Meditation, Circuit Training. RTW is made possible by a generous grant from the Downey-Short Foundation and in collaboration with Beach Cities Health District.

If you are interested in joining please contact Nida Padilla, Program Manager at (310) 376-3550 or via email:  Space is limited.

What Our Participants Are Saying 

“Great opportunity to try different activities – outstanding choices for physical and mental wellness. Also great idea to include health club membership to help sustain physical well-being (or at least help facilitate and encourage to continue)”

“This program provided a wonderful opportunity to meet other survivors and to explore new physical & emotional practices. The experience was extraordinary! I feel so much better as a result of this program.  The mindful meditation & In Touch with your Innerself classes served my spiritual self so well. My energy is much improved. Loved this program and hope other survivors have the same opportunity!!”

“RTW has helped me focus on life and living (and continuing to live) after cancer. RTW has put things back into perspective. I’m not as scared anymore. I’m more hopeful. I especially enjoyed the “mind” aspect, that helped to shift my thinking.”

“I so appreciated being exposed to so many forms of wellness. Having so many stressors in my life. I got a lot out of the meditation elements – Reiki, Tai Chi, etc. that I never would have been exposed to otherwise.  It was a wonderful program – I want all my friends who have been touched by cancer to be able to participate.”

“This program is excellent! We get more than fitness and serenity – we get confidence, strength, hope and the realization that we can fit in with “normal” people. Being able to feel like a part of the rest of the world instead of a cancer patient or survivor again is priceless. The three month gym membership is definite plus!! It will make it easier to keep on this path to fitness and wellness!!”


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