Dear Friends,

As a physician caring for cancer patients in our community and as a member of the Board of Directors with the Cancer Support Community of Redondo Beach I want to raise your awareness of the vital importance of this organization and ask for your support of our mission.

I first learned of the struggles of cancer patients in medical school when I decided to pursue a career in Radiation Oncology.  Like many young professionals, my efforts were focused primarily on the treatment and management of disease and its physical consequences.  However, as I matured the needs of my patients beyond the halls of medicine became clearer.  Fortunately our society was also learning the importance of the “whole” patient and the then Wellness Community was at the forefront of providing the necessary psychosocial support for cancer patients and their loved ones.  The South Bay area was pivotal at the beginning in expanding the availability of free programs and support offered continuously here for the past 28 years.

Now as the Cancer Support Community we have grown to the largest international organization providing the gold standard in emotional and supportive care along with educational and complimentary programs.  Yet our services and programs remain free to all who attend.  Funding is the responsibility of each individual community without help from insurance or governmental agencies.  Our services depend on the generosity of those like you and I who may have been touched by this disease in one way or another and are compelled to help.  Even those spared the crisis of cancer have experienced other tragedies and know how much the unconditional support from others was welcome.

This website can offer you a complete listing of the hundreds of monthly programs, services and resources available at our community.  They need to be there because they are not available elsewhere.  We need to make sure they are always there.  Please join me by making a donation as generous as possible to ensure our work continues.  Thank you.


Dr. Dan Hovenstine

Board Member

Professional Advisory Board Co-Chair

Please donate if you have been touched by Dan’s story.  Thank you for your support!

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