Dear Family and Friends,

I would like to ask you for two simple favors.  Some of you may not grant my second request and that is okay.  But all of you can honor my first request because my first request is simply to ask you to imagine.

Recall a time when your health was without reproach.  Then visualize your emotion as you receive the medical disclosure of “you have cancer.”  No, please do not just read on – take some moments and go to that undesirable vision.  Are you concerned, scared, confused . . .  Is there worry, denial, anger at God?  Can you tell anyone about your cancer and what will you tell them?  Is your brain yelling at you to come up with how you are going to make it day-to-day with, err, that C-thing?  Does your imagination rest at the survival question of who can help you with the “yuks” of dealing with cancer as your are being medically treated?

It should, because those “yuks” are there for each and every person fighting cancer.  And the“yuks” are also there for that person’s family, especially for family members who are the primary caregivers and, of course, the children.

Thank you for experiencing that vision and hopefully that is all it ever will be.  However, for my wife, my survivor, that vision was in real time.  She was blessed with an excellent medical staff, but what she needed was not medical.  She needed to be near people who could help her navigate the “yuks”  – simple things like getting and looking good with a wig, to more personal and deep matters.

My wife’s raft through the rapids of “yuks” was Cancer Support Community.  Thank goodness her Cancer Support Community raft came with such caring guides and navigators.  She never had to worry about the cost of her raft because Cancer Support Community is without charge.  I, personally, was so impressed with Cancer Support Community that I joined its navigating board of directors.

We now come to the other request for your favor.  Cancer Support Community can only exist with donated resources.  I am asking for your favor of a donation to Cancer Support Community.  I know I said it was okay if you do not grant my second request.  But, as I wrote and imagined (relived) what we went through fighting cancer and how much more “yuk” there would have been without Cancer Support Community, I have changed my mind.  It is okay if you give anything and even better if you give generously.



Garee T. Gasperain

Board Member, Cancer Support Community – Redondo Beach

Please donate if you have been touched by Garee’s story.  Thank you for your support!

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