Dear Friends and Family,

I know many of us have uncertainties in our lives and because of this I know you will understand.  I am reaching out because our Cancer Support Community (CSCRB) of which I am the Board Chair needs some help for our Kid’s Community which focuses on children ages 5 through 12 going through the toughest of all uncertainties.

These are not children with cancer, but instead they have either a parent or sibling going through cancer treatments.  At this young age it is hard to imagine what it must be like to ask questions such as, “Mom are you going to die?” or “What’s wrong with my sister?” or “What will happen to me and what am I going to do without you?”.

Kid’s Community is just now going into its second year.  This support group has been needed for quite a while, but we did not have funding until recently.  This monthly program of activities, support groups and counseling has been 100% successful by making a significant impact on many kids throughout the South Bay and now we just need to keep it running.

The US economy is in an unknown position right now for all of us, but if you can just set aside a little (or a lot), please send it as a charitable deduction to the Kid’s Community.  As Board Chair, I will do everything in my power to make sure these children are helped in a loving way to cope with the reality of cancer touching their lives through a family member.


L.J. Stogsdill

Cancer Support Community Redondo Beach

Board Chair


Please donate if you have been touched by L.J.’s story.  Thank you for your support!

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