Dear Friends:

Cancer was something I didn’t believe would affect me or my family in a serious way. Friends and work associates would mention a loved one had some form of cancer, but it didn’t directly affect me. So you politely ask how someone is doing and go about your life.

Until October, 2008.  My Mom was diagnosed with ovarian cancer.  Not just cancer, but ovarian cancer. Ovarian cancer generally goes undetected until it is into the later stages of the disease.  I immediately went into overdrive as her caretaker to help her beat the cancer.

And she did! My Mom is now 5 years cancer free! One of the important factors to her care and recovery was participating in programs at the Cancer Support Community of Redondo Beach.  My mother had always struggled with social situations and mood disorders, which made having a support system around her hard for her to comprehend. She found a group that welcomed her and made her feel safe.  I am eternally grateful for the support the facilitators and group members provided to my Mom.

I became a board member in 2012 after participating for the second time in the annual Fido & Friends Walk Against Cancer. I used this opportunity to fundraise and give back to this great place my Mom loved. It ultimately led to joining the Board. I never knew I could feel so fulfilled to give back. Everyone at CSCRB is remarkable. They work tirelessly to help cancer patients and their loved ones cope with their diagnosis and care.

The programs provided are free of charge to the public. Your generous support of any amount will allow CSCRB to continue to provide these services.  I understand the funds you delegate towards supporting worthy causes are thoughtfully placed with organizations of meaning and integrity.  Having had firsthand experience with this organization, I ask that you consider us in your giving this year.



Lisa Garey

Board Member

Please donate if you have been touched by Lisa’s story.  Thank you for your support!

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