“I have good news and I have bad news!”

The bad news is, you or someone you love will get cancer in your lifetime.

If it is you that gets this news, it will be the loneliest moment you have ever known. Your very existence is being attacked and it will be sometime before you have the details that define, in medical terms, how long you can expect to live. You will internally scream so loud that you will not be able to hear anything people say to you. You begin to look at the simple things around you and wish you had more time. Tears will flow at awkward times and for no apparent reason.

If it is someone you love, you will feel utterly helpless. You will rehearse what to say over and over really only wanting to tell them that you love them and are here for them. But the stupid remarks will come out. It’s as if you are 2 foreigners with different cultures. You have two different sets of values and customs. The person you thought you knew so well is suddenly a stranger and having a normal conversation is no longer a possibility.

Very few people can manage these issues and more, when this life altering diagnosis is revealed. Even fewer,  if any, medical institutions have assistance for this aspect of cancer’s affect on your life.

This is why the Cancer Support Community was established some 30 years ago by Dr. Harold Benjamin.  Today we continue to develop a safe and trusting environment where people in these circumstances can speak of their hopes, fears, joys, worries, and more.

And for the good news…

You will begin to feel the love that has always been in your life. Family, friends, and even acquaintances will share how much you mean to them. You will find ways to appreciate those close to you and you will make time. You will share the most important person who needs to know, how much you love them, and it will be in front of a mirror.

Suddenly life has meaning. Everyone and everything feels connected. The world is not the lonely place it once was. Friends are just around the next corner and you have plans to get together and share your lives.


Matthew Accardo

Board Member


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